Tuesday 20 August 2013

Enterprise Small Cell Architectures

Deployment in enterprise is a challenging task for the operators but it has many benefits hence this is one of the areas they have been working very hard to get it right.
Release 2 from the Small Cells Forum, later this year will provide more useful insights into deployment of Enterprise Small Cells or Femtocells.

One such challenge for Enterprise small cells is the architecture for the enterprise deployments. Handovers play a big part and special care has to be taken to make sure they are seamless with little or no break during handovers.

Embedded below is a webinar from ThinkSmallCell from not so long back which deals and explains the issues. The last slide is the video of the webinar, in case you have enough patience to go through it. Finally, you can also download the whitepaper from Spidercloud on this topic here.

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  1. An interesting presentation, showing potential service benefits of an enterprise node. However, it doesn't consider the options of Enterprise Femtocells with a 'direct' Iurh LAN connection between the cells, that could be used for hard or soft handover and so the assessment of backhaul efficiency is not entirely accurate. As the Iuh interface was originally designed to support only one cell, some proprietary extensions will be needed to support hand-in under the full enterprise architecture advocated.