Tuesday 7 August 2018

Sprint's Outdoor Small Cells - In Pictures

Sprint has been deploying outdoor small cell with more than 15,000 already deployed. This is not as aggressive as T-Mobile that plans to deploy 25,000 just this year but Sprint is also deploying MagicBox, its indoor small cells. According to Sprint newsroom, more than 260,000 magic boxes have been distributed to date. In fact they are so popular that the hospitality edition was released last month.

In this post, I am going to post some tweets with pictures of Sprint's outdoor small cells:

It should be pointed out that in USA, the definition of Small Cells is often fuzzy. While we refer to small cells as complete base stations, out there small cells can also mean small form factor RRH/RRU. Some of these small cells will have BBU hidden away. For more details see our tutorial on small cells and macrocells here.

Saturday 4 August 2018

'SCF Awards' 2018 Winners

I realised that even though I wrote a post on SCF winners, I never published it. Better late than never.

Small Cell Forum Awards have been around for 10 years and are highly respected for their impartiality and independence. I was at the awards back in May, representing Parallel Wireless (as I am the marketing representative based in Europe). It was fun catching up with colleagues and old contacts and also good to see first hand all the companies competing for these prestigious awards.

Small Cell Forum has a dedicated page that has all the award winners and the picture gallery (scroll down on the linked page)

Below are the names of all the winners. Some of them are linked if I wrote a post about them.

  • Excellence in Commercial Deployment (Residential): Sprint/Airspan for Magic Box LTE Relay
  • Excellence in Commercial Deployment (Urban): CCS for City of London small cell backhaul network
  • Excellence in Commercial Deployment (Enterprise): Nokia for Flexi-Zone shopping mall and public building deployment
  • Excellent in commercial Deployment (Rural, Remote, Temporary): Parallel Wireless for Ice Wireless in Northern Canada
  • HetNet Software and Services – Management and Automatio: AirHop for HetNet Performance Insight with eSON
  • Deployment of New Architectures Enabling the Dense HetNet: Huawei for Small BTS solution with LTE backhaul
  • Commercial Small Cell Design and Technology (Network and XHaul): HPE/Softbank for Dedicated PCRF for Small Cells
  • Outstanding Innovation in Small Cell Technology or Architecture: Accelleran for Architecture-agnostic small cell RAN-vRAN solutions
  • Outstanding Innovation in Small Cell Business Case: OpenCell for Multi-operator in-building coverage using Small Cells
  • Social Impact: Parallel Wireless/Telefonica for Connecting LATAM’s unconnected
  • Judges Choice: ITRI for deep innovation helping to advance small cells as a platform
  • Chairman’s Award: Mirela Doicu, Nokia
  • Individual Contribution: Ravi Sinha, Reliance Jio

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