Thursday 20 June 2024

Ecotelligent's Wooden Masts

Ecotelligent is on a mission to enable telecommunication in a more human environment by applying the science of wood construction into building of communication towers and masts. This allows them to significantly reduce the CO2 emissions of building the towers and make the landscape more pleasant for people.

Last year, Vantage Towers announced that it has installed the first wooden structured telecommunication mast in cooperation with the Finnish start-up Ecotelligent: 

The Ecopol tower was erected as one of two wooden masts in Rhineland-Palatinate as part of a pilot project, as announced by Vantage Towers in October 2022. The installation of the second Ecopol tower is expected to take place in Leiwen, Germany, in the third quarter of 2023; further locations in Germany are being considered. With the construction of wooden structured telecommunication infrastructure, Vantage Towers, together with Ecotelligent, is marking the beginning of a more sustainable mobile communications industry and digitalisation. According to the manufacturer, the Ecopol towers, which are built from recyclable wood, have a significantly lower carbon footprint than comparable masts made of steel or concrete. In addition, they have an attractive, modern design and blend in better with their surroundings - which increases the acceptance of telecommunication infrastructure among the population. 

The use of sustainable materials for Vantage Towers' infrastructure is another component of the company’s sustainability strategy, complementing efforts to make its own infrastructure more energy efficient and reduce resource consumption. For example, the company already reached its first major green milestone in 2021: since then, all the electricity Vantage Towers uses to operate its infrastructure has been procured from renewable energy sources such as wind, solar or hydro power. In addition, pilots are underway to produce renewable energy directly at the sites with wind turbines and solar panels, and to replace diesel generators with hydrogen engines.  

You can see some more details of wooden telecommunication masts in the video below:

Glad to see that other countries are also considering deploying these environmentally friendly masts in the near future.