Tuesday 3 September 2013

Building a Sustainable HetNet - Telus, Canada

Came across this interesting presentation from the LTE World Summit 2013, one from Telus in Canada. The presentation is embedded below but here are couple of things that caught my attention:

One of the issues which is now becoming universal is the need to negotiate with the municipalities and local councils for the right to lamp posts and other street furniture. I blogged this earlier as well with regards to a presentation by EE here. This also encourages for a third party to provide small cells hosting as a service (SCaaS)

Another issue generally faced in case of Hetnets is the Interference management in case of shared carrier. Looks like they may be using a proprietary approach for co-channel deployment and similar approaches are possible with basic SON presence in the network.

Anyway, the complete presentation below:

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  1. Steve Kemp (via Femto group on Linkedin)4 September 2013 at 07:10

    Thanks, Zahid. That first slide is definitely worth looking at. It nicely summarizes the anecdotal and actual data I've run across to date whether it is HSPA/WCDMA or LTE.