Sunday 8 December 2013

Enterprise Small Cells - Small Cell Forum Release Two

The long awaited "Release Two" from the Small Cell Forum is finally here.

Gordon Mansfield is explaining this Release two in the video above.

Small Cell Forum (SCF) also released a Small cell market update. As per the market report, as of October 2013, there were:

  • 7.2 million residential femtocells deployed
  • 168,000 indoor small cells deployed
  • 2,700 outdoor small cells deployed

There is a good summary of this Release on ThinkSmallCell and TMN. Definitely worth a read.
There are a lot of documents released or revised as part of Release-2. You can access all the Enterprise related documents at You can also start with just the overview document at

Finally, for more technical minded people, they can directly jump to the Enterprise small cell network architectures document at

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