Monday 20 October 2014

Small Cells Equipment Magic Quadrant, by Gartner

This post has been removed on request by Gartner.


  1. Andrew Burrell (via Small Cells World Series Linkedin group)24 October 2014 at 11:26

    Of course I'm biased ... But it's great to see Nokia recognised as #1 on horizontal axis 'Completeness of vision'. This research is predominantly about Small Cells products but also associated Services

  2. I don't believe this chart tells a particularly useful story. It's comparing apples with oranges, and selecting entrants on quite a wide ranging basis, including some vendors with full end-to-end solutions and others with only small cell products. For example, I'd say the market segment for indoor/enterprise is quite different from outdoor; 3G differs significantly from 4G; several of these companies have very limited commercial deployments at this stage; picking out one (very good) Wi-Fi company tells only a partial story if it doesn't show how Wi-Fi will be integrated seamlessly into the mobile service. I expect this chart will be used in sales presentations by those companies shown in a good position, but hope recipients would point out some of these flaws rather than take it as gospel. (Note: I'm not necessarily disagreeing with any positioning shown, just that its so out of context as to be of little real use).