Thursday 2 November 2017

Tutorial: An Introduction to Macrocells & Small Cells

I have been meaning to create a video tutorial on Small Cells for a long time. The problem is that its not as easy as most people may think. To explain small cells concepts, its necessary to explain macrocell, C-RAN & DAS. This is what I have attempted to do in this presentation.

The slides are embedded below and can be downloaded from Slideshare. The video is embedded on slideshare presentation but if you prefer, the direct Youtube link is here.

Please note that this video is for guidance only. Many vendors & operators use their own definition which may not agree to mine. In the end, we are all correct 😉


  1. My definition of a "small" cell is that the cell has a small coverage area
    (in the 10s of metres radial distance) and then possibly low capacity
    (number of concurrent users, total aggregate bit rate) .

    Which means I don't have to talk about any physical aspects such as
    radio propagation env (indoor, outdoor etc) or implementation
    (form factor, power reqts etc) , as they are irrelevant.

    The moral of the story :

    always apply "KISS" ( "keep it simple and stupid" ) to your terms.

  2. We are all entitled to our opinion 😊. Thanks for letting me know.