Saturday 3 February 2018

Sprint's Small Cells in the stadium

Sprint's CTO John Saw posted a few pics of small cells in the stadium. They also posted a few pics about outdoor small cells (see below).

Another tweet from John Saw was about SpeedTests within the stadium.

The question often asked is why are the upload speeds so poor. I answered this question when I talked about High Power UEs (HPUE) in an earlier post. As they use TDD Config 2, they are focusing on downloads rather than uploads. This may be a bit strange scenario for stadiums where people want to upload rather than download but because they want to use HPUE, they have to make sure that only a limited number of uplink slots (less than 50%) are used.

TDD also mandates very tight synchronization requirements thereby making most networks keep the same config throughout their network to avoid interference.

Its nevertheless interesting, would be good to see how the end users react to this approach.

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  1. Wow, 100++mbps so nicely Zahid,..
    Can i get some opinion from u,..
    Why ya, Lte 900hz always got high rssi ya?
    How to control?
    Is there about bad installation?? or cause by interference by neighbour site?
    Apology with this stupid question cause i still newbie in this field,..need some advices from you Bro Zahid.

    1. Sorry, not sure about RSSI. Try asking on Quora or Linkedin.