Sunday 29 April 2018

Ericsson's 5G Radio Dot coming in 2019

One of the top 5 posts on this blog last year was one about Ericsson's Radio Dot so I thought its about time I write one about their 5G Radio Dot systems. If you have seen my tutorial on Macrocells & Small Cells, you will know that I don't necessarily agree that these are small cells but anyway lets leave that aside. Lets start with the slides that Ericsson shared:

While I wasn't allowed into any of the big vendors stands at MWC, it was good to see that all of them had put their MWC videos, demos, etc. online. See here. Good to see that Evan Kirstel managed to get us a nice picture of the Radio Dot.

Ericsson also has a page dedicated to Radio Dot here. The Facebook live video of the product below.

Finally, here is a short and sweet article from TMN magazine on this topic. Here is a short extract:

Ericsson has said that it will have a 5G compatible version of its Radio Dot System by 2019.

The company today “introduced” the 5G Radio Dot – a new line of its DAS-lite small cells. The new access points will be able to offer 2Gbps speeds, and will add band support across the 3-6GHz range that are targeted as a pioneer 5G band.
TMN : When is the expected actual release date (GA) for the 5G Dot?

Ljungberg: In line with general introduction of the 5G technology in the market in 2019.

This sort of gap between launch announcement and actual availability mirrors the original launch of the Radio Dot, which saw a 14 month gap between introduction and availability.

We will see it being rolled out next year.

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