Thursday 28 May 2020

Drivers and Enablers for Large Scale Small Cell Deployments

In the Cambridge Wireless Smart Cities & Small Cell seminar last year, Andrew Entwistle from New Street Research talked about "Small cells around the world: an analyst’s perspective". His presentation is embedded below (with permission). What I wanted to share with you was this one slide (pic above) looking at the drivers and enablers for a large-scale small cell deployment.

Interesting to see that even though there is a lot of potential for outdoor small cells in Europe, the enablers are not there, thereby making it difficult for a large-scale small cell deployment. 

With regards to the USA, I have posted about their small cells deployments many times. The thing is that the definition for small cell in the USA includes small form factor. So a small site with RRH would be considered a small cell. Anyway, check out these posts here and here.

Presentation as follows:

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