Monday 19 October 2020

5G Infrastructure in South Korea

The three South Korean operators made a history when they all launched 5G network simultaneously, thereby making South Korea the first country with all operators having launched 5G.

Samsung's big break in 5G came with them being selected by all the three operators for their 5G networks. Now they have written a three part blog and a whitepaper to highlight the progress of 5G in Korea. Links as follows:
  • Key Drivers for Korea's 5G Success (Part One)
  • Key Drivers for Korea's 5G Success (Part Two)
  • Key Drivers for Korea's 5G Success (Part Three)
  • White Paper: Optimized 5G Solutions that deliver on the Promise of 5G
Even with all the progress, it is not a smooth sailing for 5G in S. Korea. A recent report in the newspaper Korea Herald said that More than half a million 5G network users returned to 4G. The article explained:

The figure -- 562,656 users who downgraded from their 5G subscriptions -- accounts for 6.5 percent of the total 5G network subscribers in South Korea, according to the report by Rep. Hong Jung-min, who belongs to the Science, ICT, Broadcasting and Communications Committee at the National Assembly.

The number of 5G network users as of end-August was 8.65 million in South Korea.

The lawmaker pointed out in the report released in time for the Assembly audit that many 5G users have gone back to the lower-speed network service as the high-priced new network system failed to offer quality connection and coverage.

Here is a video from Samsung showing the Snapshot of Korea 5G

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