Friday 4 June 2021

Three UK's Gigabit 5G Poles Explained

Peter Clarke does a great service to the mobile industry, especially in UK, with his detailed look at the mobile network's infrastructure. 

Three UK was Huawei shop but after the limitations imposed on them, they moved to Ericsson and announced with a big bang.

When they said in December that they will have 1000 5G sites, many were left wondering how many of those would be Huawei and Ericsson

But they did make a fantastic progress transitioning to E///

Now Peter has made a video detailing the Ericsson Three UK sites. It has a lot of useful information and is embedded below.

Let us know what do you think.

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  1. Disgusting. You are trying to fry us all! If the so called 5g is so good, why would it necessitate thousands more masts/antennas etc. This is about enabling the surveillance system. You will pay for your part!!

    1. Typical conspiracy theory crap, Mr Anonymous. Go get yourself a physics degree. :)