Friday 5 November 2021

Deutsche Telekom Launches Indoor Booster 5G Repeater

On his LinkedIn post, Dr. Alex Jinsung Choi, Deutsche Telekom Senior Vice President, Head of Strategy & Technology Innovation and COO of O-RAN Alliance announced the launch of Telekom Deutschland GmbH's Indoor Booster 5G in Bavaria. The post said:

This small low-power repeater brings 5G into offices and homes that did not have sufficient indoor coverage of mobile networks before. It enables customers to experience best streaming, gaming, education services, home office and video conferences with 5G indoors.

I am proud to announce that this new product is result of the cooperation of Deutsche Telekom with our strategic partner SK Telecom. SKT developed and launched 5G repeaters in 2019. In 2020, DT and SKT colleagues trialed a customized 5G repeater in a customer test in Germany which was starting point for the successful launch this year.

Furthermore, the Indoor Booster 5G is the first product of Techmaker GmbH, the tech joint venture of SK Telecom and Deutsche Telekom. I would like to thank all the many colleagues in Techmaker, SK Telecom and Deutsche Telekom who made the project a success!

We looked at SK Telecom's In-building 5G NR Repeaters couple of years back here.

The website explains the working of the booster as can be seen in the picture on the top. All information is in German and is translated using Google translate below: 

The 5G signal is picked up by an antenna on the outside and routed inwards by cable to a so-called booster. This only requires a 230V connection. This results in faster cell phone reception even in remote rooms with stable walls. You can continue to use the Indoor Booster 5G with your existing mobile phone contract.

The Indoor Booster 5G consists of an outside antenna and a booster inside. You should be authorized to have an antenna installed on your building and to grant access.

Couple of FAQ's have interesting info as well:

Why can you only rent the Indoor Booster 5G and not buy it?

Since the indoor booster reproduces the cellular signal, Telekom is the operator of the device and cannot transfer ownership of it to the customer.

Why do I have to commission the installation service?

Since the Indoor Booster reproduces the cellular signal, Telekom is responsible for the operation of the device and must ensure that the radio signal does not interfere with the cellular network. At the installation appointment, you will also be advised where the external antenna is best placed in order to achieve the best possible improvement in performance.

If you own one of these, we would love to hear from you about your experience.

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