Friday 14 January 2022

Building the telco edge with or without hyperscalers!

Ever wondered how are operators building their Telco Edge Networks? Is it different in Asian countries as compared to the rest of the world? Some of these questions have been answered in STL Partners webinar they hosted last year. The narrative says:

2021 is seeing growth in telco edge, with some operators in the region having already launched their edge offerings in 2020. In parallel, hyperscale cloud providers are growing their cloud business in Asia and will build new data centres in the next 1-2 years. ​

For telcos, they need to best determine how to build their edge and to what extent they should work with hyperscalers. ​

This webinar draws on data from over 150 surveyed telecoms operators to answer key questions, such as:​

  • How are operators in Asia building the edge?​
  • How much of their edge infrastructure will be provided by a hyperscaler?​
  • Which use cases should Asia operators focus on?​

The webinar video is embedded below:

The slides and Q&A can be downloaded from the webinar page here.

STL Partners have a huge archive of webinars, do check it out here.

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