Tuesday 11 February 2014

LTE C-RAN / Fronthaul Architectures

Its been a while since I talked about C-RAN on this blog. Meanwhile on the 3G4G blog, a presentation by Orange labs have proved to be very popular. Netmanias have posted couple of slideshares on the C-RAN architecture. They are as follows:

The first one is NTT Docomo's advanced C-RAN architecture. I have posted a presentation on Slideshare as well on this topic. It can be viewed here for more details.

The next one is the Fronthaul and Backhaul architecture by SK Telecom. I have a slideshare on a similar topic by SK Telecom here. In fact a post on 3G4G blog from the iGR whitepaper here is an interesting read on this topic as well.

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