Sunday 23 February 2014

Meadowcells (a.k.a. Rural Small Cells)

Picture Source: Wilson Street

I last remember mentioning a Meadowcell in September when we had our Cambridge Wireless event.
and then I forgot all about it till I saw this:
So, based on the discussion on Light Reading, Simon Saunders says the following:

However I've found one additional category helpful: "Meadowcell" to contrast rural public access small cells against their "metrocell" urban counterparts. And we've found certain regulators to be enthusiastic about the opportunities they bring. The electronics for 'meadowcells'  may not be so very different from their metro counterparts though issues like backhaul may be. Its a trickier more diverse market, but given government incentives I think there is scope for the market to be comparable in size to the metro market - vendors should leap on it!

In another discussion in Forum Oxford last year, Simon stated the following:

The terms aren’t interchangeable, but likewise they don’t have hard boundaries. Femtocells = typically home and small office/SoHo. Picocells = Enterprise, retal etc (mainly indoors), Metrocells = busy cities, outdoors, “Meadowcells” = rural outdoor application of metrocells.

From what we see above, the big challenge with Meadowcell is probably the backhaul. See my earlier post on Satellite backhaul for Rural Small Cells here.

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